Esther Jewish Queen of Persia

Esther Jewish Queen of Persia

While Ezra and Nehemiah are rebuilding the Temple and walls of Jerusalem, there are still Jews living in the Persian empire. Even there, God provides protection for his chosen people. In an odd twist of fate, Esther, a Jewish orphan girl taken into exile in Babylon and raised by her uncle becomes the Queen of … Read more

Ezra and Nehemiah the Return from Exile

Ezra and Nehemiah the return from exile

The book of Ezra documents the return from exile as Israel is gone from the promised land. The northern 10 tribes have been scattered among the nations by the Assyrians. Judah and Benjamin have been taken into exile in Babylon. Yet, there is still hope, the word of God is true and sure. His promises … Read more

800 years From Promised Land to Exile – They were Warned!

Israel 800 years promised land to exile

So far, in our trip through the Bible, we’ve gone from creation, to the promise, to the promised land and then the punishment. The Story of Israel has taken many dramatic and unfortunate turns. From celebration and worship to disobedience and exile. And, they were warned many times, yet they continually tested Gods patience over … Read more