What is The Book of Esther About? The Pride of Haman and the Stubbornness of Mordecai?

What is the Book of Esther About - Mordecai refuses to bow to Haman

What is the book of Esther about in the bible? The Jews have been in exile in Babylon. The Persians overthrow Babylon. The King of Persia allows some of the Jews to return to Israel but some decide to stay in Persia. Many by this time have been born and raised in Babylon and only … Read more

Esther Jewish Queen of Persia

Esther Jewish Queen of Persia

While Ezra and Nehemiah are rebuilding the Temple and walls of Jerusalem, there are still Jews living in the Persian empire. Even there, God provides protection for his chosen people. In an odd twist of fate, Esther, a Jewish orphan girl taken into exile in Babylon and raised by her uncle becomes the Queen of … Read more

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