Does your “I” cause you to stumble?

does your I cause you to stumble - the sinner in the mirror

Does your “I” cause you to stumble? As we continue our trip through the Bible, and now in the Gospels, we read Matthew 18:9 “If your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and throw it from you.” Is our “eye” ever really the cause of the stumble, or is it perhaps our “I”? … Read more

The Futility of Kings

The Futility of Kings - the sinner in the mirror

The Futility of Kings: The past few weeks of my study through the bible has been spent going through the repeated cycle of a new king that is either “doing what is evil in the sight of the Lord“, or walking in the ways of the Lord except for: always at least one failing. Then … Read more

His Gospel Is Not Difficult

The Lord: Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior has but few commands. His Gospel is not difficult to understand. 1.) Love God 2.) Love others as yourself ( even your enemies). 3.) Teach others to do the same. 4.) Repeat. His Gospel is Simple but not Easy Simple really, but not necessarily easy. It requires … Read more

Kingdom of GOD University

kingdom of god university

Welcome to KINGDOM OF GOD UNIVERSITY Congratulations, even though you’re personal performance and merits could never qualify you, by Grace through Faith in our LORD JESUS CHRIST, you have been accepted into the KINGDOM of GOD UNIVERSITY. You have been granted admission to somewhere between 0 and 100+ years of intense study in the plans, … Read more


Free Grace, Cheap Grace, just some of the terms to describe the Gospel message sometimes preached. But is it really free? I guess it would depend on who you ask. If you asked Jesus, our Lord and Savior, he might beg to differ. The Passion of Christ Have you read the story of his crucifixion? … Read more