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Congratulations, even though you’re personal performance and merits could never qualify you, by Grace through Faith in our LORD JESUS CHRIST, you have been accepted into the KINGDOM of GOD UNIVERSITY. You have been granted admission to somewhere between 0 and 100+ years of intense study in the plans, purposes and operations of the KINGDOM OF GOD. This course of study includes strenuous physical, mental and spiritual testing. Extensive trials, tribulations, persecutions and perhaps at times, peace, prosperity and abundance. Oh, one other thing, there is no dropping out. Sorry.


Kingdom of God University

Learning Takes Repetition

I know it may sound comical or flippant to some, but it is with all sincerity that I present it here. As we continue our study of the Story of the Bible, I have noticed quite a bit of repetition. Our recent trip through Kings and Chronicles, for example, had the repetitive cycle of rebellion, punishment, repentance and then restoration.

Then you start to notice the same numbers being used throughout the story and you begin to see the connections both forward and backward. It was during the study of Kings that it hit me, that repeating of the same basic story with just different names. I’m back in school, and the teacher is making me go over it and over it again and again until I learn it.

The Bible is our Textbook

Bible is our textbook

It started to make sense. That’s what this physical existence is about. Learning to be like Jesus, and helping others find admission into HIS University to do the same. is a website where you can search the bible for whatever you’re looking for in an instant. I searched for the word “teach”. It appears 273 times from Exodus all the way through Revelation.

Then it became obvious that the Bible is our textbook, and this physical existence our class room. Our textbook (Bible) talks not only of teaching but also testing. Why are we tested in this life? The same reason we’re tested in school, to see how much we’ve learned and whether we can apply what we’ve learned. Starts to sound more and more like school doesn’t it?


Death is our Graduation

Think of those especially difficult trials and struggles as just an AP (advance placement) test. They’re tough, but they move you up faster. One of the first lessons we must grasp, and perhaps one of the hardest, is to not grip to tightly to this earthly life. No matter what we do, eventually it will end. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise, how well you eat, or how good you’re health care plan, this physical existence will terminate for us all one way or another. But guess what, it’s not the end, it’s GRADUATION!!!!!!! Just like when you graduated from school wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning!

funeral is graduation
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Jesus himself taught the concept of death to self and putting others first, storing up you’re treasure in heaven not on earth. Paul wrote that to die is to gain. To be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD. If you are a member of the BODY OF CHRIST and thereby a student in the KINGDOM OF GOD UNIVERSITY, the sheep skin/diploma you receive is that of the very LAMB OF GOD at the Judgment seat of CHRIST.

It is also there, on that day, you will receive you’re post-graduate honors for how you handled all you’re testing and trials. So, fear not death, after all what is a mere 100 years on earth when compared to millions of years in the presence of GOD?

Celebration of our Eternal Commencment

Next time a brother or sister in CHRIST departs this earth, don’t grieve for them. CELEBRATE THEIR GRADUATION!!!! I know it’s natural to grieve because we will miss them here, but we will see them again at our graduation party, so take comfort that they are having their own party as we grieve.

absent from the body
the embrace of Jesus
The Embrace – by Chris Hopkins

Good Luck with you’re studies, and I’ll see you at the party.

Romans 3:10

Presented in faith and love by the Grace of our LORD Jesus Christ.

Rex McMahon

The Sinner in the Mirror

The sinner in the mirror
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